Favorite Quotations ~  Film-Making, 4 Star Wars Trilogy

"I have to act to live." ~ Laurence Olivier

Alfred Hitchcock

The length of the film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder. ~ Alfred Hitchcock

I supply a presence. ~ Charles Bronson, People, 9/15/03

I think tripods, cranes, and dollies are really artificial. Handheld, when it's well-operated and well-used, not an MTV kind of thing, it creates and immediacy, a reality, it's natural. ~ Alejandro González Iñárritu

I've never done nudity in my whole career. I certainly don't think now is the time to start. I don't think it's necessary for anything I've done, although I have absolutely no opinions against anyone who feels comfortable doing it. ~ Sarah Jessica Parker

I'm always cribbing from real life. I'm not a very creative filmmaker. ~ Kevin Smith, Houston Chronicle, March 2004

There are no good guys in a Quentin Tarantino movie. They're all bad guys. And you like us. That's Quentin's big talent. ~ David Carradine, CNN, 4/19/04

An attitude will give you heft. ~ Carl Reiner

Acting is pretending, and I wanted to be taken seriously. You don't want to trade life for success--it will just chew you up all the time. ~ Gardner McKay

Once you find the right idea, then go ahead and embellish it. ~ Vincente Minnelli

When you make a movie, everyone should leave their own personal problems at home. When they start bringing those to set, filming can be very difficult… You don't need any extra drama. Put the drama into the story, in the characters. ~ Robert DeNiro, Independent, 7/25/08

You can say things in a comedy that you never can say in a drama. ~ John Forsythe

The cinema makes it possible to experience without danger all the excitement, passion, and desire which must be repressed in a humanitarian ordering of life. ~ Carl Jung

Of all the arts, cinema probably has the most powerful ability to galvanize and channel our reactions solely through the way people use their eyes. ~ David Bordwell

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