Favorite Quotations ~  Film-Making, 3 Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy

"To be quite blunt, I make pictures for money, to pay the rent.There are some great artists in the business. I am not one of them." ~ John Ford, You Must Remember This

Martin Scorsese

Hollywood is high school with money. ~ Martin Mull, Readers Digest, 5/03

I look for a thematic idea running through my movies and I see that it's the outsider struggling for recognition. I realize that all my life I've been an outsider, and above all, being lonely but never realizing it. ~ Martin Scorsese

I have a no-die clause in every movie. The black people can't be dying all the time. ~ Queen Latifah, Premiere, 2/04

You're only as good as your last picture. ~ Marie Dressler, Words from the Stars, 2001

Directing is like putting together a collage. ~ Ethan Hawke

I don't want to be a great actress. I want to be a sexy movie star. ~ Angie Dickinson, Esquire, 3/66

The last thing I want is to be (in a film role) is obvious, direct and offensive. ~ Bill Murray

Success is a relative quotient, and fame can be ephemeral. An Oscar is something that becomes a part of your record, a tangible acknowledgement that your efforts have made a difference. ~ Faye Dunaway, Movieline Hollywood 2/04

Critics don't want to see directors they like make too much of a left turn. That's good for criticism. ~ Quentin Tarantino, Entertainment Weekly , 4/16/04

Acting is more fun than writing. Writing is harder, more like having a term paper. ~ Owen Wilson

Filmgoers are starved for new ideas, voices and visions. ~ Robert Redford

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet. ~ Orson Welles

I do not know if it is true that all actors want to direct and all directors want to act, but in 1972 I tried directing and decided I had better stick to acting. ~ James Earl Jones, Voices and silences

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