Favorite Quotations ~  Film-Making, 5 Angels in America

"It's a lot of work to read a crummy script." ~ Bill Murray


When you're making a movie, you can't think anybody will ever see it. You've just got to make a movie for the values it has. The greatest films were made because someone really wanted to make them. And, hopefully, the audience will show up, too. ~ Clint Eastwood

The close-up says everything. ~ Marlon Brando

I've never worked with an actor that I did not like. ~ James Gandolfini, New Jersey, 10/01/04

Of all the things I've done in life, directing a motion picture is the most beautiful. It's the most exciting and the nearest than an interpretive craftsman, such as an actor can possibly get to being a creator. ~ Laurence Olivier

You never know what's going to happen. That's why I like acting. It's precious to me to be able to live more than one life. ~ Bai Ling

Work—do plays, learn your craft, and go to school. Keep working. Nobody is going to give you jobs for going to parties or any of that nonsense. Go out, look around, do things. ~ James Gandolfini, New Jersey, 3/04

A lot of what acting is is paying attention. ~ Robert Redford

Your own ego is the only trap that I think you can fall into. ~ Robert Altman

I've really only had one (dream) since I got into this business at 13 years old, which was to be in this business forever. Once I did my first television commercial, I caught that itch and that bug. I want to be a part of pieces of art – as far as cinema is concerned – that people will want to see for generations to come. That's my dream. ~ Leonardo DiCaprio, People, 12/9/04

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