Favorite Quotations ~  Prayer, 3 Walking the Bible

"Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines." ~ Satchel Paige

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two breathes, or the turning inwards in prayer for five short minutes. ~ Etty Hillesum

If you begin to live life looking for God that is all around you, every moment becomes a prayer. ~ Frank Bianco

Prayer, a kind of spiritual radar… pierces the fog of pain, fear, grief, or ingratitude that can seem to engulf the heart. ~ H.M. Wyeth, Honolulu Advertiser, 1/1/05

To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world. ~ Charles J. Chaput, Guideposts, 3/05

A perfect example of the power of prayer is when a blizzard closes the schools on the day of a big exam. ~ Doug Larson

You pray in your distress and in your need: would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Probably saying a 30-second prayer at a key moment has done more good than any psychotherapy or drugs I've prescribed. ~ Harold Koenig, Daily Dose, Dec. 2005

God wants us…to talk to him as to a friend or father—authentically, reverently, personally, earnestly. ~ Bill Hybels, Too Busy Not to Pray

Each time we acknowledge that we aren’t doing any of this alone and then write or talk to someone else about what is going on inside us, we are offering up a prayer. ~ Nancy O'Hara, Just Listen

It is said that if one chooses to pray to a rock with enough devotion, even that rock will come alive. ~ Ming-Dao Deng, 365 Tao: daily meditations

Yes, I like that word. "More" is a prayer to God, isn't it? Gratitude and plea, all in one. ~ Art Garfunkel, AARP, Nov/Dec 2003

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