Favorite Quotations ~  Fame, 4 Claims to Fame

"It's too bad I'm not as wonderful a person as people say I am, because the world could use a few people like that." ~ Alan Alda

Henry Winkler

I never wanted to be famous; I only wanted to be great. ~ Ray Charles

I have this bodyguard so if I get tired of signing Autographs I ask him to step in. It's hard because people get angry at you, but I've got a life to live too. ~ Usher

To have people like my work, even if it's my old work, I can't ask for nothing nicer than that. ~ Henry Winkler, People: 100 Greatest Tv Stars of Our Time

I don't plan on selling out. I mean, it's nice to get a dinner reservation ahead of other people, but when it comes down to it, the most important thing for me is the actual work. ~ Scarlett Johansson, Movieline Hollywood 2/04

I love money, I love women, I like to work hard and I don't use drugs. ~ Gene Simmons, Billboard, 6/04

I might not be famous one day. But I'd still be happy. ~ Salma Hayek

I could do with more mobbing. Particularly from women. I'd like to be treated like Ricky Martin. ~ Hugh Grant

Fame creates its own standard. A guy who twitches his lips is just another guy with a lip twitch -- unless he's Humphrey Bogart. ~ Sammy Davis, Jr.

Fame is a heavy burden. ~ Voltaire

You don't stay the hottest guy forever unless you're, um, Dionysus. ~ Josh Hartnett, NY Post, 8/24/04

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