Favorite Quotations ~  Fame, 5 Guide to Personal Happiness

"Being an icon is overblown. Remember, an icon is moved by a mouse." ~ William Shatner, Esquire, 2/06

Fred Rogers

Fame is a four-letter word. And like tape, or zoom, or face, or pain, or love, or life, what ultimately matters is what we do with it. ~ Fred Rogers

I was sick of the way my lyrics had been extrapolated, their meanings subverted into polemics and that I had been anointed as the Big Bubba of Rebellion, High Priest of Protest, the Duke of Disobedience, Leader of the Freeloaders, Kaiser of Apostasy, Archbishop of Anarchy, the Big Cheese. Horrible titles any way you want to look at it. All code words for Outlaw. ~ Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Vol. 1

First there was just my home. Now I have to deal with the whole world. ~ Mukhtar Mai, CNN, 11/3/05

Fame is fleeting, and you can't get caught up in it. Signing autographs, taking pictures, and being nice to people is a small price to pay for the upside that comes with this. ~ Jerome Bettis, USA Today, 2/3/06

We’re more popular than Jesus now. I don’t know which will go first—rock and roll or Christianity. ~ John Lennon, London Evening Standard, 3/4/66

There is currency to celebrity, or celebrity is a currency… You can spend it in a lot of ways, or you can squander it. You can be taxed, as well. I really started thinking long and hard about how to use that currency as long as I had it. ~ Ben Affleck, Boston Herald, 6/26/08

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