July 21 ~  Live the Life 40 Days and 40 Nights

"No matter how famous I get, I will still live the life that I want." ~ Josh Hartnett

Josh Hartnett

Reluctant heartthrob actor Josh Hartnett (1978-) was born in San Francisco, California on this day, the eldest of four children. Raised Catholic in St. Paul, Minnesota, Hartnett played football in high school, worked in a video store, and discovered acting only after a knee injury benched him.

"I've had my heart broken, and it's not fun. But I'd rather have my heart broken than break someone else's heart," said Hartnett.

In 1998, the versitile actor made his big screen debut in the slasher hit Halloween: H20, then followed with The Faculty. He hit the big time with leads in the World War II epic Pearl Harbor (2001, w/Ben Affleck) and real-life war story Black Hawk Down (2002). His fate as a Hollywood hottie was sealed.

His meteoric rise to fame has challenged the actor's low-keyed lifestyle. "I hate to be thought of as a teen idol," he admitted. "I like to see the world the way it is and not from the balcony of a hotel."

Teaming up with his Star Wars hero Harrison Ford in Hollywood Homicide was a dream-come-true. Ford said of his co-star, "My 12 year-old daughter and her girlfriends refer to him as Josh 'Hot-nett.' He's huge. I used to be huge."

About fame, the 6' 3" Hartnett once said, "I've been extremely lucky as far as the business goes. It really is all about luck and I haven't had any of the setbacks I heard I'd be in for."

Josh HartnettIt's your life--LIVE it passionately.