Favorite Quotations ~  Expectations, 2 Working Your Way into Heaven

"Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations and small needs." ~ William Howard Stein

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Whatever you expect, with confidence, becomes your own self-fulfilling prophecy. ~ Brian Tracy, 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success, 2002

Most of us are taught from an early age to pay far more attention to signals coming from other people than from within. We are encouraged to ignore our own needs and wants and to concentrate on living up to others’ expectations. ~ Nathaniel Branden

Our limitations and success will be based, most often, on your own expectations for ourselves. What the mind dwells upon, the body acts upon. ~ Denis Waitley

You're old when you're old. Why should you be limited by someone else's expectations? ~ Lynne Cox

I love people who expect me to wear great, feathery costumes-- and I do it. It's like an actor getting into his costume for his part. I don't really feel that part until I'm into whatever I'm going to wear. ~ Elton John

Our minds can shape the way a thing will be because we act accordingly to our expectations. ~ Fredrico Fellini

Like an enemy I knew as intimately as any friend, I came to know the nagging, constant emptiness of the incongruent life. I ignored myself and lived for people, purposes, and goals that weren't my own. I betrayed who I was and instead accepted a fictional substitute that was defined from the outside in. ~ Phillip C. McGraw, Self Matters, 2001

You can't expect to hit the jackpot if you don't put a few nickels in the machine. ~ Flip Wilson

Don’t fulfill my expectations—amaze me. ~ Riber Hansson

The fastest way to pass your own expectations is to add passion to your labor. ~ Mike Litman

A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. He must have time to modify his shape. ~ Mark Twain

Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one's levels of aspiration and expectation. ~ Jack Nicklaus

Act like you expect to get into the end zone. ~ Joe Paterno

Act with kindness, but do not expect gratitude. ~ Confucius

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