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"Adventure is not outside a man; it is within." ~ David Grayson

365 Days of Celebration and Praise

Wed 1/26/2005
What a fabulous website! Would it be possible to put some of the quotations on Motherhood into an NCT Branch newsletter? ~Liz

Mon 1/10/2005
Dear Leialoha, I love your web site; however, my friend told me accessing my card to her was nearly impossible? Why is that? Thanks. ~ Diane

Sat 1/1/2005
Yours is the best website on the net! Thanks for being here everyday with words of wisdom and thoughts to live by. ~ Karen Lee

Tue 12/28/2004
Thank you for the kind thoughts. ~ Chuck

Fri 12/17/2004
I love you guys. I thank you and God for this website. My goal is to use it everyday for my own growth and the growth of my students. Have a great holiday. ~ George

Mon 12/6/2004
Aloha, Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit with us all. ~ Diane

Sun 11/28/2004
Well done. Who is Ada V. Hendricks? Regards Tony

Tue 11/23/2004
Wishing YOU love for a lifetime, too! I am so thankful for your daily emails! I look forward to them everyday. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! ~ Jenni M.

Wed 11/17/2004
Who is Heralclites? You have a quote attributed to that name, but a google search turned up nothing. Did you mean Heracles? The quote on your site was "Change is the only constant." It should actually read, " The only constant is change." I've never been able to find out who actually said that, but your attribute is incorrect. Just letting you know! ~ KK

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