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"A light heart lives long." ~ William Shakespeare

Keith Haring

Fri 11/5/2004
I recently did a speech on Patsy Mink for my Toastmasters Club. Speech title is Patsy Mink- A Japanese-American Role Model. I was surprised that you did not have any quotes, etc. about this wonderful woman. She passed away in 2002 and was a member of the House of Representatives for many years as she represented Hawaii. Her birthday was December 6. She overcame discrimination and was the first Asian American Woman to be in the House. ~ Cathy

Sat 10/30/2004
Wow...just found your is wonderful...found just the quote i needed for a painting project...thanks...Barry

Sat 10/30/2004
Greetings dear Leialoha, I enclose a few poems for your great website so that the folks who visit it can enjoy them.....Enjoy In Love & Joy. Michael Levy. Professional Optimist

"How much Joy can a human mind encompass in one lifetime?" ~ Michael Levy

Wed 10/27/2004
Aloha! I'm happy to encounter with your site, I love your words which makes me to love this world, but in deep heart I'm sad, i have looked work for a long time, but i can't find one, I don't know where is my future,.i can't look after my parents, i can't enjoy the life with my friends, you know, I envy you, you must be a wonderful woman, you have confidence on life, but I, Ok, I want to gain some strength from you, thank you very much for your beautiful words and heart! ~ Sue, China

Tue 10/26/2004
Like the Web site. Just curious, saw your quote from John Popper (Blues Traveler) about his appearance before his surgery: "We're good musicians, we're proud of that," Popper explained early on. "And we're not the most physically attractive guys in the world." Where did this come from? ~ Robert

Tue 10/26/2004
Found this quote by Roy Lessin and thought you'd like it. "Each day is a day that God has given us and each moment of that day is in His hands." ~ Love, Mimi

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