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"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions." ~ Pablo Picasso

Moon Rising in Hawaii

Mon 3/21/2005
I like your email card system. Very nice photos and lovely quotes. Nice work. Keep it up. ~ Dennis

Mon 3/21/2005
Great, brill, moving, motivating, helps you accept the bubble with squeak, the up + down but are you real? Can I see my mail up there do I count? If you read this then you count too... ~ Danny, Liverpool UK

Mon 3/21/2005
Dear D.C. I've discovered your website when seeking information on Marva Collins. I am going to this celebration in May, myself and colleagues and our principal. I am seeking more information as to the programming for this day. I have written a poem for Ms. Collins, and would like to present it. Is there a possibility of my doing this in celebration and honoring Ms. Collins. Please, please, please inform me ASAP via my email. Sincerely, Vanessa

Fri 3/11/2005
Oh my god! I just found your amazing website! I wish I had found it years ago! I can't tell you how much I am enjoying it, learning from it, and growing because of it! Whatever you do...Please don't ever take it down! I am about to share it with every woman I know! ~LilacGoddess~

Tue 3/8/2005
Hey! Just wanted to say thanks sooo much! Your web site has helped me alot. I have recently just finished my report on women in track and field. Your websites with Babe Didrikson and Florence Griffith Joyner helped me the most! Thanks for your help! ~ Lizzi

Fri 2/18/2005
You are Truly Wonderful. Thank you for bringing light into my life with your wonderful words. Many Blessings to you. ~ Patty

Wed 1/26/2005
Mon 2/28/2005
W.C.Fields real name was Dukenfeld, not Dunkinfield as you spell it on your 041101.htm page. Cheers! ~ Mike

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