Favorite Quotations ~† Talent Be Still and Know

"I know quite certainly that I myself have no special gift. Curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance, combined with self-critique, have brought me my ideas." ~ Albert Einstein


This is a gift that I have, simple, simple, a foolish extravagant spirit, full of forms, figures, shapes, objects, ideas, apprehensions, notions, revolutions: these are begot in the ventricle of memory, nourished in the words of piamater; and delivered upon the mellowing of occasion. But the gift is good in those in whom it is acute, and I am thankful for it. ~ William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost

Talent alone won't make you a success. Neither will being in the right place at the right time, unless you are ready. The most important question is: "Are your ready?" ~ Johnny Carson

I still believe that at any time the no-talent police will come and arrest me. ~ Mike Myers

Hide not your talents.They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Talent, like beauty, to be pardoned, must be obscure and unostentatious. ~ Marguerite Blessington

No one can arrive from being talented alone. God gives talent, work transforms talent into genius. ~ Anna Pavlova

Talent is culture with insolence. ~ Aristotle

We canít take any credit for our talents. Itís how we use them that counts. ~ Madeleine LíEngle

I would like it if people would think that beyond Newman, there's a spirit that takes action, a heart, and a talent that doesn't come from my blue eyes. ~ Paul Newman

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