May 25 ~  A Programmer for the History Channel SNL: Best of Mike Myers

"If I couldn't do what I do now, I'd want to be a programmer for the History Channel." ~ Mike Myers

Interesting alternate career selection for comic Michael Myers (1963-), born on this day in Ontario, Canada. Raised by Liverpool-born parents,  he was the youngest of three sons who grew up loving hockey and Rock and Roll music.

"Success does not answer any questions in your personal life at all," he once said and called himself "naturally an introvert."

As a child, Myers appeared in a TV commercial with Gilda Radner and joined the Second City comedy troupe in 1981, the year he graduated from high school.

Once joining Saturday Night Live (1989-1994), Myers created many endearing characters, including Dieter, the host of Sprockets, Coffee Talk host Linda Richman (based on his mother-in-law), and Wayne Campbell of Wayne's World (1992) fame.

"I still believe that at any time the no-talent police will come and arrest me," he said about his international popularity.

His three Austin Powers films (1997, 1999, 2003), all smash hits, were inspired by his father who died of complications from Alzheimer's disease in 1991.

"The idea for Austin popped into my head one night," Myers explained. "I was thinking of my father as usual and all the fun times we'd had watching the Pink Panther and Matt Helm movies... I just wanted to do something I thought would have made my father laugh."

As the voice of loveable ogre Shrek (2001, 2004, 2010), he celebrated another smart and funny entertainment franchise with Cameron Diaz, Julie Andrews, Eddie Murphy, and John Cleese.

Celebrate PassionYeah, baby.