Favorite Quotations ~† Silence Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude

"The deepest feelings always show itself in silence." ~ Marianne Williamson


Sound has spoiled the most ancient of the world's arts, the art of pantomime, and has canceled out the great beauty that is silence. ~ Charlie Chaplin

Nothing I never said ever did me any harm. ~ Calvin Coolidge

There is art in taking time to appreciate the clean wash of the mind's silence.~ Dan Wakefield

The cruelest lies are often told in silence. ~Robert Lewis Stevenson

Great joys, like griefs, are silent. ~ Shackerley Marmion, Reader's Digest, 3/78

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

The history of most women is hidden either by silence, or by flourishes and ornaments that amount to silence.~ Virginia Woolf

It is better wither to be silent, or to say things of more value than silence. Sooner throw a pearl at hazard than an idle or useless word; and do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few.~ Pythagoras

True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.~ William Penn

Silence is the great teacher, and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it. There is no substitute for the creative inspiration, knowledge, and stability that come from knowing how to contact your core of inner silence. ~ Deepak Chopra

Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing. ~ Robert Benchley

Donít fear conflict, fear the silence. ~ Ross Parsley

Hear, see, and be silent. ~ Baltasar GraciŠn

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