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"Human beings are human beings. They say what they want, don't they? They used to say it across the fence while they were hanging wash. Now they just say it on the Internet." ~ Dennis Miller

Sony VAIO Notebook

I feel like in one year it’s very easy to go from Internet poster boy to Internet piñata. ~ Jeff Bezos, Yahoo!, May 2001

People finally have permission to be human in the context of their work. That's the real Internet story. ~ Christopher Locke

I never surf (the Net). I don't know the password. ~ George Harrison, Yahoo!, May 2001

John would have been the first white rapper. And also he would have cherished the Internet. ~ Yoko Ono

If journalism is the first draft of history, then the Internet simply has provided a new means for delivering that draft far and wide very quickly. ~ Tom Daschle, Yahoo!, August 2001

If you can afford...a computer, you can afford to pay $16 for my...CD. ~ Eminem, Yahoo!, April 2001

The key to sustained business success on the Internet is continuous learning. As the world moves faster and competition becomes steeper, knowledge becomes the differentiating factor between people at the head of the pack and the ones that are left behind. ~ Stephen P. Gott

It's been my policy to view the Internet not as an 'information highway,' but as an electronic asylum filled with babbling loonies. ~ Mike Royko

The internet explodes when somebody has the creativity to look at a piece of data that's put there for one reason and realise they can connect it with something else. ~ Tim Berners-Lee

Bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie annoy me. ~ Sarah Palin, Esquire, 12/16/09

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