November 3 ~  Just My Opinion I Rant, Therefore I Am

"Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong." ~ Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller

The master of rants, the funny and intelligent Dennis Miller (1953-) was born on this day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The comic majored in Journalism.

"I remember seeing All The President's Men and thinking Redford looked cool in his crinkled tie," the Emmy Award-winning comedian explained.

Instead of payment by the column inch, Miller chose stand-up comedy as a career. With an irreverent style of humor, he scored the coveted Weekend Update commentator slot on TV's Saturday Night Live (1985-1991), bringing the catchphrase "I'm outta here!" to the masses.

"It's a free country. Somebody's got to make fun of it," he said.

With razor sharp insights, Miller moved to HBO and hosted Dennis Miller Live (1994-2003), winning five Emmy Awards and three Writers Guild Awards. He also tried films, appearing with Demi Moore in Disclosure (1994) and Sandra Bullock in The Net (1995).

"I vent, therefore I am," he observed and offered this advice to men about relationships with women and driving-- "Don't tell her how to merge and she won't tell you to ask for directions."

In a high-publicized attempt to make NFL Monday Night Football "relevant, accessible, and unpredictable," ABC added Miller to the broadcast booth in 2000. True to form, the accomplished comedian shook things up with his unique color commentary for two seasons, with such observations as: "Everybody's worried about me using profanity - the only f-word I might say a lot this year is Faulk."

As a regular on FOX news, Miller continued to share his conservative wit and opinions with the world, "Nine-11 changed me," he said. "I'm shocked that it didn't change the whole country."

affirmation: The human body is a living miracle.Okay. You're entitled to your opinion.