Happy Dassera ~  Celebrate Our Humanity Hindu Festival

"In our creating, we ask questions, pose answers, and celebrate our humanity." ~ Dan Wakefield

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A Happy Dassera (Vijaya Dashami) to one and all! These are blessed days. The times ahead will be filled with joy.

Hindus today celebrate the 10th and final day of the festival of Dassera, a festival of myth, legend, and culture.

On this final day, Indians praise Shakti -- the primordial, female energy of the Universe and honor the goddess of valor (Durga), the goddess of wealth (Lakshmi), and the goddess of knowledge (Saraswati).

They celebrate with gusto the victory of good over evil, the subsiding monsoon rains, successful hunts and bountiful harvests. They dazzle the nights with robust singing and dancing in the streets and light the skies with bonfires and fireworks. Revelers move the earth with music, flowers, color, drumming, and dance.

Today is the tenth and final day of Dassera, a day for everyone to launch something new or learn something more.  In the spirit of Indian tradition, enthusiastically believe that any new venture started on this day can, and will be, successful.

To celebrate is to recognize a moment of pure joy.