July 14 ~  Adventures in Dancing Time for Dancing

"There are short-cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them." ~ Vicki Baum

Judith Levin

Dancing is magical. Russian ballet great Rudolph Nureyev once said about his passion, "Somehow life tastes better when I dance."

"To dance is to live," said innovator Isadora Duncan. "Dance the way I dance and you will live to 100."

"Dance is the song of the body. Either of joy or pain," explained legend Martha Graham.

Have you watched how a child moves to music? A child dances naturally and with no inhibitions.

To dance is to feel the music and let go of worries and stress. A special freedom of losing yourself temporarily to rejuvenate.  Dancing is pure celebration of expression. A passionate way to find spiritual renewal.

Dancing is art and all art heals.

Soar... even with your feet on the ground.