July 2 ~  Relationship Jack Lemmon on DVD

"Death ends a life, but not a relationship." ~ Jack Lemmon

Jack Lemmon Our relationship with endearing and talented actor Jack Lemmon (1925-2001) will live on, despite his death from cancer complications.

"People are probably correct when they see me as the so-called Everyman," Lemmon once said. "I'm attracted primarily to contemporary characters. I understand them and their frustrations."

John Uhler Lemmon III was born in Newton, Massachusetts, played the piano by ear, and graduated from Harvard. He acted on the stage and made over 400 appearances on television before his film debut with Judy Holliday in It Should Happen to You (1954).

"When I'm reading material, if I'm a little bit afraid of a part and I'm willing to admit that to myself, then I'll do it, definitely. If I'm worried about being able to do it, to get it I absolutely just love it," Lemmon explained about his role selections.

"Happiness," said legendary director Billy Wilder, "is working with Jack Lemmon."

A prolific comic and dramatic actor and two-time Oscar-winner  for Mister Roberts (1955)  and Save the Tiger (1973), Lemmon was best known for his legendary films with longtime foil Walter Matthau, including The Odd Couple and Grumpy Old Men (1994).

Lemmon admitted, "I have never lost a total passion for my work." And it showed. His characters were likable, decent, and intelligent. Before he shot a scene, he would say, "It's magic time."

And magic he was...

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