June 4 ~† Upward, Forward, Toward the Sun Sex For Dummiesģ

"Our way is not soft grass, it's a mountain path with lots of rocks. But it goes upward, forward, toward the sun." ~ Ruth Westheimer

Ruth Westheimer

Forever moving toward the sun, popular psychosexual therapist Ruth Karola Westheimer (1928-), "Dr. Ruth," was born on this day in Germany and has lived a life of adventures and challenges.

The only member of her family to survive the Holocaust, the 4-foot-7 dynamo became a freedom fighter with Haganah, the Jewish underground military organization. She studied at Paris' Sorbonne before immigrating to American in 1956 for her Masters degree in Sociology and Ph.D. in Education from Columbia University.

In September 1980, Westheimer began Sexually Speaking, a 15-minute radio program, which evolved into a national hour-long show that helped launch the hot field of media psychology.

About her teaching of "sexual literacy," she has explained, "Iím old-fashioned and a square. I believe people should not engage in sex too early. They will never forget that first sexual experience, and it would be a pity to just throw it away. So whatís the rush? Hug and kiss and neck and pet, and donít rush into a sexual encounter."

Dr. Ruth is always frank and people love to hear her renowned voice. When a woman asked what she should do about a four-year relationships that had grown stale, Westheimer recommended, "First, go away on a vacation. Second, never engage in sex when you are tired. Try new positions. Make sure that you're not taking other issues into bed with you. If this doesn't help, see a sex therapist."

By spreading awareness, she said that myths are removed and people are more likely to achieve sexual success. Wisdom, not age, begets better sex.

"If you're healthy, educated, and willing to communicate, then you can have sex until age 99," she said.

Ruth WestheimerUntil age 99...