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"Chicks dig drummers." ~ Dave Grohl, RS, 1/8/04

Dave Grohl

More than a drummer, multi-talented Foo Fighters frontman and ex-Nirvana drummer David James Grohl (1969-) was born on this day in in Warren, Ohio.

The son of a journalist, Grohl grew up in Virginia and Washington D.C. and said he was inspired by the Beatles, B-52s, and Led Zeppelin at a young age. He joined the hardcore band Scream at age 16 and was touring with the band when Nirvana recruited him in 1990.

"I was just the drummer," he explained. "And I was fortunate. I was able to just show up and play and reap the rewards of being in the band."

Modesty aside, Grohl's thunderous drumming and vocal harmonies added depth and passion to the band. "Nirvana was caught up in this hurricane," says Grohl. "But, unlike Kurt, I was able to stand outside of it all."

After Kurt Cobain's suicide, Grohl formed Foo Fighters, taking lead vocals, writing the songs, and playing the guitar. Their remarkable self titled debut album (1995) quickly went platinum in sales.

"Contrary to what most people think, what I do as a musician is work," Grohl said. "You really have to keep it together and drugs don't necessarily always help that."

Following a stint drumming with Queens of the Stone Age and forming the heavy metal group, Probot, Grohl has continued to reinvent himself.

"I really feel like one of the luckiest people in the world," he said. "We should never complain about anything. I swear to God, I think we have the best jobs in the world."

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