Favorite Quotations ~† Complain Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Leadership Fable

"What annoyances are more painful than those of which we cannot complain?" ~ Marquis de Custine


All happy people are grateful. Ungrateful people cannot be happy. We tend to think that being unhappy leads people to complain, but itís truer to say that complaining leads to people becoming unhappy. ~ Dennis Prager

Don't complain to others about your troubles. Half of them don't care and the other half are glad. ~ Emmitt Smith

Realize that if you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it. ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo

This life is not for complaint, but for satisfaction. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Had we not faults of our own, we should take less pleasure in complaining of others. ~ FranÁois Fenelon

What you're supposed to do when you don't like a thing is change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it. Don't complain. ~ Maya Angelou

Don't complain about the snow on your neighbor's roof when your own doorstep is unclean. ~ Confucius

I can't complain, but sometimes I still do. ~ Joe Walsh

My days of whining and complaining about others have come to an end. Nothing is easier than fault finding. All it will do is discolor my personality so that none will want to associate with me. That was my old life. No more. ~ Og Mandino

I canít stand it when a player whines to me or his teammates or his wife or the writers or anyone else. A whiner is almost always wrong. A winner never whines. ~ Paul Brown

Just because nobody complains doesnít mean all parachutes are perfect. ~ Benny Hill

Complaining doesnít change people... All that complain, this is terribleÖ Itís not so terrible. ~ Alice Herz Sommer

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