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"God is aloha... We do not do good only to those who do good to us. One of the sweetest things about the love of God, about aloha, is that it welcomes the stranger and seeks his good." ~ Abraham K. Akaka

hope and invention

Welcome! E Komo Mai!

Glad you're here! Daily Celebrations is a HUGE site. Please take your time and look around. To help you get better oriented, here's a breakdown of the site's navigational features:

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Themes ~ Celebrations organized by category.. writers... inventors... entertainers... musicians... more. I'm thinking of new categories as I type this. Any suggestions?

Today ~ Jump to today's Celebration. Hey, and bookmark the site!

Archives ~ Nifty way to find a celebration by calendar date. Fast, easy to use. Boom. Thank you, Steven!

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Favorite Quotations ~ Lots and lots of quotations. The list grows, the links do, too. It's alive.

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Mailbag ~ Comments and suggestions from readers.

Amazon.com 100 Hot CDsMahalo--Thank You--for stopping by. Come back tomorrow for a brand new celebration. Bookmark the site or make dailycelebr-20s.com your Home Page ... and tell your friends.