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"Home is where there's one to love us." ~ Charles Swain

Daily Celebrations

Aloha. Welcome to Daily Celebrations. Thank you for stopping by. If this is your first visit, that's great. If you're back for more, even better! Please visit often and share the site with others.

Daily Celebrations features original writing, artwork, and photographs, with thousands of special celebrations that have been researched, written, edited, and indexed to motivate, educate, and inspire.

I've been creating all the original content for this site since 1999. There's a lot to discover. Please take your time... look around... and enjoy yourself!

My Gift to You
Aloha means love... Daily Celebrations is a lei of aloha, guided by my life's experiences and my heart...

This website began as a way to always say "I am just a mouse click away," to my family and friends. Through the years, dailycelebrations.com has evolved into an extension of my creative growth and I have stayed true to my initial design and brand.

As Nobel Peace Prize Laureate writer Baroness Bertha Von Suttner once explained, "After the verb 'to love,' the verb 'to help' is the most beautiful verb in the world."

Books are my haven. Reading has comforted, entertained, and enriched my life. Research has always been my joy.

With Daily Celebrations, I can share my commitment to lifelong learning and discovery with you.

I can also share the quotations I've been collecting since I was 12; a database of 70,000 strong and still growing...

Celebrating Life
Daily Celebrations is a constant revelation to me. Since its March 1, 1999 inception, I have learned that there is always something to celebrate in life.

On my road to discovery, I look for the positive spin and find: There are so many passionate colors in life... thousands of colors that fill the heart with creativity and joy.

My Sunrises
No matter where I am, where I travel, each morning I greet the golden hour of dawn-- that magic hour of the ages, full of the spirit of exploration.

Mos Way

With a prayer on my lips and camera in hands, I photograph the sky and share these photos on Twitter, Instagram, and My Sunrise Blog.

I have had fun creating 365 Watercolors, a blog that converts my photographs to digital art using Photoshop and the latest iPhone applications, marrying art with technology.

I also have my sunrise and other photographs on my Tumblr account: Celebrations & Sunrises.

Each sunrise is a poem of gratitude. Each new day is a blessing of possibilities. In sharing this, I wish you the spirit of love and aloha... and the inspiration, creativity, and success of this new day.

Keeping In Touch
Are you on Twitter? If so, please drop me a tweet: @mscator. I post my sunrises in real time whenever I can. I also create and share my digital art and memes from past sunrises.

And finally, remember...

Each day is a gift...
A glimmering miracle to turn dreams into reality.

Our acts are immortal.
Each day harvests a chance to Love...
Daydream... Dance! Sing! Laugh! Create!
Breathe! Live Deeply!

Come... Open your heart...

Learn from the past,
celebrate the moment,
and look to the future.
Celebrate each day with me!