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"My heroes are the ones who survived doing it wrong, who made mistakes, but recovered from them." ~ Bono

Mary, Blessed Mother

Wed 3/7/2007
What a wonderful site! It is so easy to get tunnel vision in this world so it is nice to take the time to read through your site and be reminded of the important things in life. Thank you for creating such a wonderful outlet. ~ Blair

Fri 1/26/2007
Hi, I wanted to let you know that you have a wonderful, wonderful, just wonderful website. I just love it. I was going through a lot of stuff lately and stumbled upon your site. The quotes and all has helped me a lot. I love your blogpost also and the pictures of rising sun help me start my day in a much much better way than before. Please keep it going. I'm sure it has helped a lot of other people too like me. Thanks a lot again. ~ Lala

Sun 1/21/2007
The commitment quote you attribute to Goethe is actually by William H. Murrary. At the end of the quote, Murrary says that he has deep respect for one of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe couples "whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." I offer this so you can attribute correctly - please do not add to any distribution list. Merci ~ Teresa

Sat 1/20/2007
I really enjoy your sight every morning with coffee. ~ Monae

Thu 1/18/2007
I feel inspired with poetry and quotes. Being my first time of coming on this site, I feel like coming again another time. ~ Sean

Sun 1/14/2007
I just found your site by accident when I Googled Norman Cousins. It is wonderful. YOU are wonderful. I look forward to returning again and again. Thank you. ~ Diane

Fri 1/12/2007
Wow - just discovered your beautiful website! We will definitely link to your entries for our BetterWorld Heroes! Thank you for this inspiring project!!!
For A Better World,
Robert Alan Silverstein
The BetterWorld Project

Fri 1/12/2007
I love your page because it has great information on Julia Child. I was wondering if you have more on her. ~ Brittany

Fri 1/12/2007
Loving the website for my report.

Tue 1/9/2007
I am consistently amazed at the amount of vital information the internet has exposed the world to. I just recently came upon your site after visiting Yahoo Answers to obtain some information about a former singer. Imagine my surprise when I was directed to this site! I have left that question long behind and cannot seem to get enough of the wonderful and inciteful quotes from various entertainers, writers, and others that I have found here. I have laughed, cried, been astonished, learned, and basically changed within the last 30 minutes JUST from reading the information on this site.

I have added to my favorites list and will also advise and pass the website along to my teacher -co-workers who are ALWAYS looking for quotes and other prompts to encourage our students to write! This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the past and present thoughts of people we have only touched upon - as well as provide some valuable information about our own selves. I thank you for this site and you have a continuous visitor in me. ~ Paula

Wed 1/3/2007
hi. Thanks for being there when we needed you. One secret I have for you is: "YOU HAVE INSPIRED MY WOLRD." I dont know how life will be without you. You help me made it in life, Many good returns this year and more griss to your elbows. Love you and God bless u. ~Dankwa. Accra, Ghana

Tue 1/2/2007
I just wanted to thank you for your daily messages. I can always count on your e-mail to lift and inspire me. ~ Sid

Tue 1/2/2007
Happy New Year. wishing you all a fruitful 2007... Big love to the world. ~ Danny, Liverpool

Tue 1/2/2007
Glad you enjoyed the Florida Keys. It's a nice place to go to visit this time of year because of the warmer weather. I used to live there, growing up and going to school. Later, I enlisted in the Air Force in 1960 and haven't been back since. It has changed a lot and had lost a lot of it's "quaintness", but still is a nice escape for those who care to venture there. ~ Bobby

Tue 1/2/2007
Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful sunscapes and inspiring messages. May you be blessed in return. Regards, Dawn

Fri 12/29/2006
Your website has created a wonderful,vivid, image for me and I look forward to reading the quotes that inspire me to do better everyday. I think you are doing a fantastic job and would like to know if you have a quote for each day and if you do i would like you to email it to me, but if you dont i think it would be a brillant idea to start one and put it on your home page.~ Kelly K.

Tue 12/26/2006
I love this website very much, and I would take my time reading all of the articles for sure. Thanks for your sharing. ~ Emily

Mon 12/18/2006
Just wanted to say "thank you!" for this beautiful website :) Fenando

Fri 12/15/2006
Just wanted to say that your site is inspiring and I discovered it because I input "crying heals" as I was curious as to how many people know this. Washington Irving certainly did and I had no knowledge of that. THANKS. BEST TO YOU! ~ Pam

Thu 12/7/2006
Thx for daily c as it has given me insight to life and its element... An inspiration that keeps me going. ~ Ben

Thu 11/30/2006
My name is Kimberly and I'am 16 and I love to write poetry and I was wodering is there a way I could write you one.

Sun 11/26/2006
Regarding Of All the Gin Joints... Excellent! ~ Eldon

Sat 11/25/2006
Hello, my name is Tomas. You have designed a very nice website. I'm also a fan of Bruce Lee. Could you share why You like him too? : ) Are You a martial artist?

Fri 11/10/2006
As Norman (Cousins) says at the top of your site, there is no proof that endorphins are produced by laughter or have a beneficial effect. Why contractid him on your celebration site? ~ Lorene B.

Sat 11/4/2006
I just want to say thank you for having this website of quotations. I use it with my writing students. Many of them do not understand figurative language, even the idioms that are used in everyday language. Their assignment every class period is to write the meaning of a quotation and how that quote applies to their daily life. Thinking critically is very difficult for them, so I often have to help them think "outside the box," as it were. When I found your website, Daily Celebrations, I knew that it could help me help my students. Thank you! Tammi, Texas

Tue 10/31/2006
I get a ton of stuff everyday, but yours, without a doubt, consistently ranks at the top. Absolutely love your website and get a whole lot outta of it. Thanks for your service. ~ Russ, Hooterville, NJ (next town over from Petticoat Junction)

Mon 10/30/2006
The sunrises and the related sentiments were just lovely! Thank you! ~ Beth

Mon 10/30/2006
Thank you. Your messages are very much appreciated. This one was especially lovely with the beautiful sunrise photos. Best regards, A J

Mon 10/23/2006
Boy, how honoured to be a member of this group! I am grateful for this opportunity. Let us all take each day as it comes, with zeal and a fresh approach-life has still got a lot to offer.

"Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." ~ George Carlin, Guideposts, 8/04

Eventful day for you and your loved ones.

Mon 10/23/2006
How fabulous! I am always blessed by these emails. ~ MCH, Charlotte

Mon 10/23/2006
Amen, this was a good essay (October 23)! Thanks for your great site. Doodles of appreciation... ~Ann

Mon 10/23/2006
Regarding October 23... Oh, too cute and so true! I do love the pages @ daily celebrations! Sometimes I check them daily and other times, I loose track of them... Thanks for sending it!~ Marlene

Wed 10/18/2006
Hi Guys, Just saying thanks to the daily celebrations mails to me. Really doing much work in inspiring my person up there. Real powerful quotes from real people who have gone great heights in this life despite difficulties. God must just bless you people. Realy wishing for a more personal communication with you to highlight important aspects of it all. See you later. Auscar, Kenya.

Sat 10/14/2006
Need some help. I used to get your great daily celebrations in color with all the highlights. Now it come in plain type, no color or highlights. What can I do to change what I receive. Thanks for your help. ~ Kate

Tue 10/10/2006
I was enjoying your site. I noticed a page on conservatives and I realized they were mostly negative. I would love to see a page on liberals and their faults too. ~ Juleen

Tue 10/10/2006
Marvelous blog. I love to begin my day with your work. Good day! ~ Kamal

Mon 10/9/2006
I came across you're website looking for any information on Bing Crosby, whom I've come to learn was a freind of my great grandfather. I have in my possession a letter about a cougar that was shot & Mr. Crosby knew of it. Also, a Christmas card addressed to (my gradfather) in the 1940s. I would appreciate any kind of feedback on all of this.I am at my wits end & frusterated looking for info. Great website you have here. I look foward to hearing from you in the near future?

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