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"When you surrender to the air, you can ride it." ~ Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

Mos Way Moon

Mon 4/28/2003
Hello, I'm a psychiatric social worker. I use your newsletter regularly in group and individual work. Thank you so much for all you do.

Thu 4/10/2003
Aloha and Happy Spring from beautiful Oklahoma. The redbuds are in bloom!

Your quote April 7, Aristotle, reminded me of this:
"I am, because my little dog knows me." - Gertrude Stein
In my case, it's cats.

Thanks for such a cheerful site. ~ Linda

Wed 4/9/2003
Hi there! When leafing through the internet for information on Laura Esquivel, I came upon this lovely website and in reading your bio on her, I noticed an error. Though it's true Tita does have to care for her mother as the youngest daughter, it's not a Mexican family tradition, but a De La Garza family tradition. It is specifially aluded to in the book in the first two chapters. I just wanted to make it known so that incorrect information is not put out there when it can be easily avoided. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. Your site has been the most extensive thus far on information on the author and not just on her book Como agua para chocolate. ~ Carmen

Tue 4/8/2003
I have a favorite quote that comes from Richard Swindoll. He says: "I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. And so it is with you. We are in charge of our attitudes."

I thought that this would be a great quote to add to your site. I really enjoy reading the many quotes you have!

Sun 4/6/2003
You have a quote on your "Words" page misattributed. Here is the quote with the proper source: In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. --John 1:1, KJV

You have it as coming from Genesis, which is not correct. Thank you very much for all your quotes, I really love your site. Keep up the good work.

Wed 3/26/2003
Yay, yay! It's my favorite site, thanks for your good work, it's a day brightener. Aloha, Ginny

Wed 3/26/2003
Love your poetry, thank you for the lovely E - Cards. May God give abundancy to all those with such an open heart. Narelle...

Fri 3/21/2003
You do the most brilliant job with your site. I do not remember how it happened upon my computer screen, but it makes me so happy. Thank you! ~ Denise, Texas

Sat 3/8/2003
Fantastic site. Thank you. God bless. ~ Theresa

Sat 3/1/2003
Your site is ~MaGiC~ to my eyes and food for my soul. I look forward to visiting several times everyday. I accidently found Daily Celebrations when I did a search on Jean Nidietch. I couldn't believe what I was seeing!!! I can't believe what I have been missing for the past 4 years!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Anniversary~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ June (A Louisiana Lady)

I am thankful for the years that Mr. Rogers has come into our homes with all his wonderful teachings. I grew up watching his program and then raised my children with his teachings. I hope that even in his passing that his program will continue on. I did wonder if his program will still be on. Will the old episodes be ran? Even from the begining? I beleave it would be a benifit to all who will still watch. Even after my children are "too old" I would still watch. And I would love too see the ones I grew up on. I was born in 1966. Thank You. Penny

Here's a quote by Martin Luther that speaks to our situation today: "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." Keep inspiring us and Happy 4th Anniversary! ~ Linda

I enjoy your site. I appreciate all of the time and research that you have done, to make such a terrific site. Thank you for your thoughtful dedication to Mr. Rogers today. I am curious, though, who was profiled on February 28th, before? Take care. May God bless you. :) ~ Debbie

What a beautiful, nourishing Website....I've just begun to explore it. Thank you. ~ George K., San Diego

This poem - LIKE THE SWEETNESS OF GARDENIAS - is very sad, and very beautiful. ~ Dina

Hi, l just wanted you to know how much l enjoy daily celebrations !!! Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you, Rosalie

Hey, i'm just kinda reveiwing your site, to tell you that i love it! I love poetry and quotes, and your love of life is truly inspiring. I find it a guide to help me with my own work with words. thank you. Taz

What a great site you have!! I was just looking in my 2003 Guide for the Liturgy of the Hours, looked up Father Damien's feastday of 10 may and saw that he is now listed as SAINT Damien de Veuster with (New) after his name. When was Father Damien Canonized? Thanks in advance for your help which I will eagerly await. ~ Sr. Veronica

I discovered dailycelebr-20s on a search for Florence Griffith Joyner. Since a month ago today, I have bookmarked, visit, and share your site with others. dailycelebr-20s truly inspires, educates, and motivates this visitor and newly-found fan. --Stanja

What an inspiring and well-researched site. Like many others, I just discovered this site whilst looking up Wilma Rudolph quotes on the internet. I have sent details to all my work colleagues and told them to check this! It's such a great idea, and now helps to make each day that bit more special. Well done! ~ Darcenia

Hi there, great site! I'm glad I stumbled upon it. I wanted to say thanks in general, and specificaly for the page on Jimmy Valvano.

My friend died in 1995, from Leukemia. He was the first friend that I ever had in this whole world. I knew him since we were both three years old. Sadly, I didn't get to celebrate his 21st B'day with him. He got to spend it in a hospital up in Boston. His sister was identified as the only match for a bone marrow transplant. The surgery went off smoothly, but just a few days after, his body rejected the marrow.

He was a very outgoing person, and he even had a little show on local access TV. Before he was planning on doing a show, which ended up being the last one, I remembered that I had Jimmy V's amazing speech on tape. We both thought it would be a great thing to show. Not just as a tribute, but to help all cancer sufferers. It's not much, but I'm glad that I contributed to his last show. Thank you again. =o) ~ Brendan

Do you have a daily email? Great page! ~ Victoria

I appreciate your site. Just wanted to let you know that Nancy Reagan was quoting Eleanor Roosevelt when she spoke of women and tea bags. ~ Donna

Thank you for organizing and sharing this site. IT IS INVIGORATING ....I just found it today, while looking up information about Charles Kettering (my son is a new student at Kettering Univ.) I have not explored the internet a great deal. But we've had a family computer for a few years. Today, I discovered a diamond mine in discovering your site. I will eagerly explore it !!!!! Jeanine

Really wonderful. Very inspirational and a measure of how the internet can be constructively used to improve our lives rather than trashing it. ~ Joe

(Quick comment. There is a date typo for Nov 21st page. 1929 should be 1729. Cheers)

Jakob Dylan 11/11/02
You nailed it!

Leialoha, we love how you captured his integrity and talent in so few words! You even brought some of his humour into it (the quote about people focusing on his ears lol). The fact is, he's been an inspiration to us and many others--thanks so much for recognizing the man as well as his music. We'll be sure to link to this on December 9th.

Glad you like the new album and that you've been able to catch some of the TV appearances. New interviews are slowing rolling in. Hopefully there will be an abundance of those soon. Thanks again, and we'll be sure to keep in touch. We hope you will too.
~ Noelle & Jen, My friends at the WALLFLOWERS NETWORK

Your daily email has become a substantial part of my day. Thank you for your thoughtfulness...Your work is greatly appreciated. ~ Mike A., Michigan

Your newsletter is free and available for other countries? ~ Liana

P.S. I live in Romania, in Focsani...I appreciate your work and I wish you all the best in the world! If my English is not very good, I am sorry.

I absolutely LOVE your site. One of the finest sites I have ever run across. I am grateful for your insight to create this site. Thank you so much, Love, Ken

Your site (and hence I believe, you) is AMAZING! What an incredible find! I plan to be here daily! Thank you!!!! ~ Susan

P.S. you missed one :)
"A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something." ~ Frank Kapra

Your daily emails are great!!! Keep up the good work..... Mike A.

Aloha! What does aloha mean exactly? Is is hello or something more than hello? I really enjoy your web site and your newsletter. Is there a reason that you don't use color in your newsletter? Thank you for the beautiful work you are doing. I am using color in my writing because of you. Warmly, Barbara

I just wanted to say that I love receiving your Daily Celebrations Newsletter every Friday. It really helps to get it at the end of the week - especially if it΄s been a tough one. Thank you for doing such a great job. Keep it up! Taniushka

I enjoy your web site very much. I have bought books you suggested from amazon and enjoyed them as well... From your site, I have sent cards to friends and relations and sent your web address and told them that I get a lot out of it and I am sure they will, too...

One thing I would really like is to be able to just forward a page to someone. Like, at the bottom of the page you could have "send this to a friend," the kind of thing that they have with news stories and such.

I read something that resonates strongly with me and I want to be able to send it out easily. Also, thank you so much for not using my e-mail for junk!! That's rare these days and I appriciate your restraint very much.

Thanks for many moments of fulfillment. ~ Hulya

Thanks so much for e-mailing your bio and granting me reprint permission to use your works in The Written Wisdom. Your writing is top-rate and will be a welcome addition to each issue. ~ Tamela

(Note: To join The Written Wisdom, send a blank e-mail to:

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk BESIDE me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend." Beside? Shouldn't it be 'behind'? Kind rgds. ~ Robert, Amsterdam

P.S. You have a LOVELY site!

I take it you are from Hawaii. Love place and...the people. I love the music too. ~ Nancy

I wonder if you'd consider posting a quote by Mary Baker Eddy that I find inspiring? I've also included a biography that I wrote about her for you to link to.... ~ Valerie

"Happiness is spiritual,born of Truth and Love. It is unselfish; therefore it cannot exist alone, but requires all mankind to share it.~ Mary Baker Eddy

Congratulations on a most uplifting web site. Very well done. I thank you for it! ~ Nancy

Special greetings from Portland, Maine!
I feel very grateful for your outstanding website and wonderful e-mail. Recently I discovered your website. I have received one e-mail. Thank you very much for your passion to celebrate life and to help others to celebrate life. I join you with my passion to celebrate life and to help others to celebrate life. Thanks a bunch for informing me about Michele O'Donnell. She is an amazing woman. I want to read her book, Of Monkeys and Dragons.

I am happy to read of your belief in love and prayer. I share a belief in love and prayer. Are you aware of the amazing Thich Nhat Hanh? Have you read his Dharma talk "Healing is possible through resting?" The Dharma talk is available on the Plum Village website. ~ Billy C.

Hi.. I am a list member OF COURSE....... I want to tell you, that your newsletter is FANTASTIC......... I laugh all the time, and why not we should laugh and like Henry Miller says.........we postpone life all the time......., why? Miller is a world of joy, ever read anything about him ........? Well that is all I just wanted to say Thank you... and let you know that I have a list also have alook and see if you like it Again Thanks lots........ Janet, Creative Coach

Thank you for sharing your Grandma's story. It warmed my heart. I have been enjoying your site for a year now. Thank you too for all of those days. Carol

I am honored to be a part of your daily celebrations. Everything looks great. My best to you in your adventures, Stacy Allison

I've been making daily visits to your site for a couple of months now. It is an injection of joy in my life. Something I struggle to hold on to. Your Daily Celebrations are a wonderful reminder that, despite everything, there is always something we can choose to celebrate. Choice is one of the silent themes of your site - choose to focus on celebration and passion.

Well, imagine my delight to stop by this morning, feeling sorry for myself that I'm a year older, still single blah blah blah and to find that we share a birthday! What a wonderful coincidence.

So, to my daily injection of joy and hope, I wish a happy, joyful and love-filled birthday. Thank you and God bless. ~ Lucy

You have saved my life. thank you. ~ Missy

Your site is wonderful. I come to it often. Thank you for such an uplifting site! ~ Sarah

Thanks so much for helping to promote BE AN ANGEL DAY - we are sisters of the heart!!! You are an earth angel!!!! ~ Love, Jayne

Very nice site! ~ Kelly

I'm so glad I found this site. Very interesting and uplifting. Thank you for being! "Believe your beliefs. Doubt your doubts." ~ Linda

Hello, (Aloha) As always I was glad to see your newsletter among my e-mail. And as usual, its message is timely and inspiring. I am a teacher and it's the middle of summer, but I spent five hours today working on things at school in hopes of improving circumstances for kids. I do love my work and I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I love and get paid for it. Thanks for bringing such positive energy into my life through my computer! ~ Julie, Argyle, New York

I enjoyed reading your comments regarding Mr. Springsteen-- I'm a big fan of him myself... It seems we share a common "passion." God bless ~ Silvana, Cape Town, SA

I noticed in the newsletter you have gone through chemotherapy. I, too, am a cancer survivor...your newsletter is so peaceful and encouraging. What a wonderful job to have. Keep the good vibes coming!! ~Kelli, Daytona, Ohio

You may have it on your site but I haven't found it yet! :) My very favorite quote is one I have framed on my desk for all to ponder: "The unexamined life isn't worth living."Socrates

I can't imagine not being introspective and wanting to know the WHY of just about everything :) Sally in Port Orchard, WA

My name is Sally and I'm from Port Orchard, WA. I just spent an hour in your quotations section, looking for "just the right one" for my religion column in our local paper. I found excellent material, and a brief review of the whole site tells me I've got to come back when I've more time! :) Thank you for such an excellent resource for life! ~ Sally

Thank you for your site! I have been spending most days in the hospital with friends who are either terminally ill or are suffering from age related dementia. Thank you for reminding me to rejoice in life. God is in full charge and I need to be a encourager for my friends.

Thank you for your free e-cards. I felt earlier today I did not know what to say anymore and your cards helped me to reach out to both of them with love and laugher and hope. God Bless you for your creative passion. ~ K.

This is my second visit to your website. It's great! ... really great! One comment: Under the heading African American Writers, Toni Morrison is not listed. Do you rotate writers and it's just not her turn? Surely, she would be at the apex of any list of celebrated authors. Please consider including her, if you haven't already. ~ Sheila

You have a wonderful website, full of resources. Is it possible to be added to your list of eating disorder resources? Here is some information about our services. Thank you. Have a wonderful day! Christine and Carolyn, EDCC & Monte Nido

Aloha, I don't even know how I found your site. But, it is a site for the soul. I so look forward to my newsletter from you and I save each one in its special folder. You give so much love and bright smiles. Again, many thanks. ~ Elizabeth


This is SUCH AN awesome SITE!  I HAVE (spent) hours EXPLORING! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Lisanne

...Your site is great for putting smiles on a friend's face. God Bless you! Kristina

I love your site. I visit everyday! ~ Julie

OMG, I love your site! Every time I need a quote for a paper or something, I end up here. You always have what I'm looking for... Just wanted to tell you that you've been an amazing help to a poor University senior applying for grad school this year! I've used these quotes on everything from admissions essays to Philosophy papers! Thanks! Misty

I just found a citation of mine on your web site. I was happy and surprised at the same time... Big thanks and I hope to meet you one day. ~ Daniel Chabot (Daniel's site:

"Dream is the spark of passion; talent is the firework of its expression; perseverance, the sacred fire of its accomplishment." ~ Daniel Chabot

Just wanted to say thank you for your time, work and your wonderful website. It has brought me joy and helped me on many days!
~ Best, George L.

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