Favorite Quotations ~ Writing & Writers, 7 Writer's Market Companion

"When your writing is unselfconscious, when it comes from your heart, that's when it's powerful." ~ Sandra Cisneros

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The actual materials are important... A book at the nightstand is important--a light can get at--or a flashlight as Kerouac had a brakeman's latern. ~ Allen Ginsberg

Teaching and writing are separate, but serve/feed one another in so many ways. Writing travels the road inward, teaching, the road out helping OTHERS move inward it is an honor to be with others in the spirit of writing and encouragement. ~ Naomi Shihab Nye

The only way to raise the quality of writing in school is to create, share, and celebrate the specific criteria for that quality with everybody on a regular basis. ~ Barry Lane

Rest and be kind, you don't have to prove anything ~ Jack Kerouac

When a play enters my consciousness, is already a fairly well-developed fetus. I don't put down a word until the play seems ready to be written. ~ Edward Albee

Writing has made me a better man. It has put me in contact with those fleeting moments which prove the existence. ~ Ishmael Reed

A writer's work may be a coded autobiography, but only a very close friend could decipher it. ~ Nina Bawden, In My Own Time

A novelist is a person who lives in other people's skins. ~ E. L. Doctorow

A pen connects you to the paper. It definitely matters. ~ Elmore Leonard

Just start scribbling. The first draft is never your last draft. Nothing you write is by accident. ~ Guy Garvey, Guardian

You are the writer of your own story, other people help you to open the next page. ~ Dhanti Praspani (@dhanti5694)

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