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"No trilogy should have more than four books." ~ Arthur C. Clarke

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Here, beside this great black surface that is my desk, I feel as though I am on a desert island. ~ Etty Hillesum

Three months seems to me quite a reasonable time to complete a book, if one can get right down to it. ~ Agatha Christie

(Writing) is edit, edit, edit. It's almost like getting a boat ready to go to sea. You've still got a countless number of things left to fix, but you've just got to go, "O.K., everybody get on the boat. We're going, ready or not." ~ Jimmy Buffett, Time 7/5/07

Writers are not mere copyists of language; they are polishers, embellishers, perfecters. They spend hours getting the timing right so that what they write sounds completely unrehearsed. ~ Louis Menand

The divine art is the story. ~ Isak Dinesen

I have never thought of writing for reputation and honor. What I have in my heart must come out; that is the reason why I compose. ~ Ludwig Van Beethoven

Writing books is the closest men ever come to childbearing. ~ Norman Mailer

As long as you can start, you are all right. The juice will come. ~ Ernest Hemingway

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