Favorite Quotations Simone Weil Waiting for God

"Love... To feel with one's whole self the existence of another being. " ~ Simone Weil

Simone Weil

Do not allow yourself to be imprisoned by any affection. Keep your solitude. The day, if it ever comes, when you are given true affection, there will be no opposition between interior solitude and friendship, quite the reverse. It is even by this infallible sign that you will recognize it.

Algebra and money are essential levelers; the first intellectually, the second effectively.

A hateful act is the transference to others of the degradation we bear in ourselves.

We do not obtain the most precious gifts by going in search of them but by waiting for them.

Difficult as it is really to listen to someone in affliction, it is just as difficult for him to know that compassion is listening to him.

Friendship is a miracle by which a person consents to view from a certain distance, without coming any nearer, the very being who is as necessary to him as food.

All sins are attempts to fill voids.

Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.

Culture is an instrument wielded by professors to manufacture professors, who when their turn comes will manufacture professors.

Every perfect life is a parable invented by God.

Evil being the root of mystery, pain is the root of knowledge.

If we go down into ourselves we find that we possess exactly what we desire.

It is an eternal obligation toward the human being not to let him suffer from hunger when one has a chance of coming to his assistance.

To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.