Favorite Quotations ~  Style, 2 Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas

"If you are attacked as regards your style, never reply; it is for your work alone to make answer." ~ François Voltaire

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I define a diva as a woman who possesses courage, beauty, style, and confidence. Based on that definitions, I've probably got a bit more work to do. ~ Faith Hill

There's nothing wrong with wearing a hat and cowboy boots if you want to be a country singer. But when you open your mouth, have something new to say. Have your own style. ~ Pam Tillis

One of the goals of life is to try and be in touch with one's most personal themes the values, ideas, styles, colors that are the touchstones of one's own individual life, its real texture and substance. ~ Gloria Vanderbilt

Style is the gossamer on which the seeds of truth float through the world. ~ George Bancroft

Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. ~ Oscar de la Renta

Style may be defined, "proper words in proper places." ~ Jonathan Swift

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