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"If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace." ~ John Lennon

John Lennon's Imagine

Peace is not made at the Council table or by treaties, but in the hearts of men. ~ Herbert Hoover

Peace with all the world is my sincere wish. I am sure it is our true policy, and am persuaded it is the ardent desire of the government. ~ George Washington

All of us who served in one war or another know very well that all wars are the glory and the agony of the young. ~ Gerald Ford

Peace is not passive, it is active. Peace is not appeasement, it is strength. Peace does not 'happen,' it requires work. ~ Hubert Humphrey

It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever. ~ Jimmy Carter

We can work on inner peace and world peace at the same time. On one hand, people have found inner peace by losing themselves in a cause larger than themselves, like the cause of world peace, because finding inner peace means coming from the self-centered life into the life centered in the good of the whole. On the other hand, one of the ways of working for world peace is to work for more inner peace, because world peace will never be stable until enough of us find inner peace to stabilize it. ~ Peace Pilgrim

Peace is more precious than a piece of land. ~ Anwar el Sadat

I worked for suffrage for years, and got it. I've worked for peace for 55 years and haven't come close. ~ Jeanette Rankin

Dwell in peace in the home of your own being, and the Messenger of Death will not be able to touch you. ~ Guru Nanak

Smiling is very important. If we are not able to smile, then the world will not have peace. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Being Peace

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