Favorite Quotations ~† Music, 9 Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits

"True music must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time." ~ George Gershwin

John Cougar Mellencamp

A great influence in my life was the sanctified or Holiness churchesÖEverybody in there sang and they clapped and stomped heir feet and sang with their whole bodyÖ Their music was so strong and expressive, it used to bring tears to my eyes. ~ Mahalia Jackson

Honest songs aren`t written for money. ~ Pete Seeger, VNU eMedia, 6/26/06

I have a responsibility to pass on to the next generation what I learned from my teachers, ... It keeps me young and reminds me where I came from. Teaching young artists is like giving water to a flower. ~ Isaac Stern

If itís too loud, youíre too old. ~ Ted Nugent, Rock 'N' Roll: The Famous Lyrics

To be a great composer requires immense experienceÖ One acquires this by listening not only to other men's work, but above all to one's own! ~ Frederic Chopin, Musician's World

My own thing is in my head. I hear sounds and if I donít get them together nobody else will. ~ Jimi Hendrix

Musicóitís all around us. Itís in everything we do. In our work or play. We celebrate with it and mourn with it. It helps us remember and consoles us when we want to forget. ~ George Martin, Rhythm of Life

This guitar is such a pal. Itís a psychiatrist. Itís a doggone bartender. Itís a housewife. This guy is everything. Whenever I find that Iíve got a problem, Iíll go pick my guitar up and play. Itís the greatest pal in the whole world. ~ Les Paul, History of Rock & Roll, 1995

Music rearranges your molecular structure. ~ Carlos Santana

Music is the medicine of the breaking heart.†~ Leigh Hunt

Sometimes the fragment of a conversation, the color of the sky, the image in a dream, has everything to do with where the song begins. ~ Rosanne Cash, NY Times, 4/5/08

Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune. ~ Thomas Fuller

Any music can be healing if it inspires, relaxes, encourages or creates enthusiasm for life in you. ~ David Simon

Anybody that sings the blues is in a deep pit, yelling for help. ~ Mahalia Jackson

There are lots of ways to communicate what we know, but few ways to communicate what we feel. Music is one way to communicate emotions. ~ Carl Sagan, Conversations with Carl Sagan

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