Favorite Quotations ~  Self-Esteem, 5 Silva Method: Unlocking the Genius Within

"I felt very awkward and out of place in school. Not popular, not attractive, not special in any way and I was longing for love and approval from someone." ~ Madonna

Sometimes I feel so nice, good God!/I jump back, I wanna kiss myself. ~ James Brown

There is a Hindu myth about the Self or God of the universe who sees life as (play). But since the Self is what there is and all there is and thus has no one separate to play with, he plays the cosmic game of hide-and-seek with himself... all the time forgetting who he really is. Eventually however the Self awakens from his many dreams and fantasies and remembers his true identity, the one eternal Self of the Cosmos who is never born and never dies. ~ R. H. Blyth, Games Zen Masters Play, 1976

I am my own heaven and hell! ~ Johann Friedrich Von Schiller

Self-esteem isn't everything; it's just that there's nothing without it. ~ Gloria Steinem

Everything starts with yourself--with you making up your mind about what you're going to do with your life. ~ Tony Dorsett

Each person is a V.S.P. (a Very Special Person) because we are each created in the image of God. ~ Desmond Tutu

It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not. ~ Denis Waitley

I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

To me, self-description is a calamity. ~ Jasper Johns

About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won’t like you at all. ~ Rita Mae Brown

You have to believe in yourself in spite of what other people believe. ~ Whoopi Goldberg

You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are. ~ John Lennon

You do more for yourself when you forget yourself. Ron Kaufman

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