Tributes ~  Johnny Cash (1932-2003) New/Future Releases

"I love you, John
In the cold and Holy darkness
You were always shining brighter than a star
God bless you, John
For the love and joy you've given
And the living inspiration that you are."
~ Kris Kristofferson

I know both Johnny and June will always be looking down and watching over us all. The stars in heaven are just a little brighter. ~ Loretta Lynn

I just went out and visited him a few weeks ago and he looked so good and was busy recording new material. I know that the angels will sing today and heaven is a better place with the addition of Johnny Cash. I'm sure he is happier now that he is with his beloved June. ~ George Jones

There's never been a voice that had that kind of power, that kind of voice-of-God kind of quality to it. It's probably one of the most recognisable sounds, certainly in this country, and probably around the world. ~ Emmylou Harris

Johnny Cash has only passed into the greater light ... he will never, ever die. He will only become more important in this industry as time goes by. I'm sure he's happy today now that he's with June. ~ Dolly Parton

I considered myself a friend, he considered me a fan -- he indulged me. He showed me around his house, his ranch, his zoo (seriously, he had a zoo in Nashville), his faith, his musicianship -- it was a lot to take in. He was more than wise. In a garden full of weeds--the oak tree. ~ Bono

I feel music has lost one of its great heroes and the country has lost one of its most authentic voices. I will miss knowing he is continuing to express what everyone feels through his music, but I will mostly miss the man. ~ Sheryl Crow

Johnny Cash broke all the rules and transcended musical barriers. His attitude, his style and his music made him a true original. Who else could knock on the doors of the pearly gates wearing black? ~ Faith Hill

When I went to Nashville 40 years ago to record my first country song, Johnny was a very welcoming figure and became a lifelong friend. He made a giant contribution to music, not just country style and his legacy speaks for itself. ~ Ray Charles

His influence spread over many generations of different people. I loved him as a singer and writer. ~ Mick Jagger

In plain terms, Johnny was and is the North Star: You could guide your ship by him. The greatest of greats. ~ Bob Dylan, Rolling Stone, 10/16/03

I really don't think I know anyone that's more rock and roll than Johnny Cash. He always fought for the little man. ~ Dave Matthews

Johnny Cash's voice--the only voice besides James Earl Jones' that could credibly pass for God's. ~ Madelyn Rosenberg