Favorite Quotations ~† Humanity, 3 Wishes, Lies, & Dreams: Teaching Children to Write Poetry

"All beings come from a motherís womb. We should have a clear realization of the oneness of all humanity." ~ Dalai Lama

365 Days of Celebration and Praise

From such crooked wood as that which man is made of, nothing straight can be fashioned. ~ Immanuel Kant

Flight from insecurity is catastrophic to any human growth. To flee from insecurity is to miss the whole point of being human. It is to miss, at any rate, the whole point of religion. ~ Peter Bertocci

Human behavior is so intriguing. I find myself giving thumbs up signs all the time. I know I look like an absolute dork, but I do it anyway. ~ Anne Heche, Call Me Crazy

Choose the human race over the nuclear race. Bury the weapons and don't burn the people. ~ Jesse Jackson

Humans live two lives. One we share with the physical world. The other is lived inside us. ~ Susan Chernak McElroy, Why Buffalo Dance

The voices of the people are the voices of God. ~ Queen Liliuokalani

The devil gets blamed for a heap o' things is nothin' but human cussedness. ~ Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Yearling

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