Favorite Quotations ~  Excellence, 4 Certainty: Know Why You Believe

"Do whatever you do so well that no man living and no man yet unborn could do it better. ~ Benjamin Mays

Honu - Hawaiian Turtle

You must also realize that the stuff of excellence--truth, real scientific truth--can be elusive... It is too often covered by the heavy fog of fear and hidden by the darkness of your detractors. ~ Daniel S. Goldin, MIT Graduation, 6/8/01

I believe in striving for excellence. I sweat the big and small stuff! I do not apologize for this. ~ Anthony Fauci, This I Believe

We have to do the best we can. This is our sacred human responsibility. ~ Albert Einstein

Things in which mediocrity is insupportable: poetry, music, painting and public speaking. ~ Jean de La Bruyere

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