December 13 ~  Releasing Your Artistic Self Painters' Wild Workshop

"Releasing your artistic self gives rise to a life of pleasure and struggle--as you use art to create your own reality. Painters are philosophers, psychologists, mathematicians, chemists, scientists, and poets." ~ Lynn Leon Loscutoff

In her colorful, passionate book Painters' Wild Workshop, artist Lyn Leon Loscutoff, with the help of 12 master artists, invites you to expand your creativity.

"My goal," she said, "(is to) expand my fellow artists to stretch, explore, expand, exploit, and experiment."

Loscutoff challenges the artist within, accomplished  or aspiring, to experiment. Everyone has a natural gift of creativity that she called "spiritual DNA." She said, "Give it voice. The hearts desires we had as children want to express themselves. Accept and embrace your talent."

As executive director of The Copley Society of Boston, she faced a life-threatening illness and realized that life was a celebration of passionate colors.

"I came to terms with my own mortality," she said, then urged, "Try painting where the terrain is wild. You can make your studio wherever you are. Traveling and painting can create a  breakthrough, as they have for me."

The supplies for her "Art to Go" strategy include a spray water bottle to keep paints moist, folding hat for the sun, light weight folding easel and chair, and plastic plates for throw away palettes.

"Think about all that makes up your personality, your psyche," she explained. "That is what you bring to your easel. All of who you are and who you hope to be. Could there be more? Your story is still being written."

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Lynn Leon LoscutoffPaint your world with bold color and passion.