September 22 ~  Pick Up an Instrument and Play Fit To Be Tied

"I hope one day people don't look at women like they're out of their minds when they want to pick up an instrument and play. And I think we're getting a lot closer to that." ~ Joan Jett

Joan Jett Rock and Roll singer Joan Jett (1958-) was born Joan Larkin on this day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was the creative spark of her first rock band, the Runaways, at age 15.

She formed the Blackhearts in 1979 and catapulted to fame with the 1981 hit anthem I Love Rock and Roll which sold 14 million copies.

"It was a really special record at a really special time. Not many people get to have a record that's number one for two months," she explained.

Sexy and defiant Jett, with trademark leather jacket and black spiked hair, inspired a generation of female rockers with passionate songwriting and performing. "I think my strength is being an underdog. The fans love an underdog," she said. "I'm just so grateful... for the fact that I can do just what I want in life."

In 1987, she co-starred with Michael J. Fox in the film Light of Day, which featured the Top 40 title song written by Bruce Springsteen.

In 2001, Jett performed on stage as Columbia in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and toured more with the Blackhearts.

"I've been able to do a lot of things a lot of people haven't, that other people would dream of," she said. "I've been able to live out my fantasies and dreams! So, I'm real lucky."

Don't be afraid to push the limits.