July 6 ~  Get Used To It Embracing the Present

"Yes, rejection and criticism hurt. Get used to it." ~ Judy Blume

Palm Beach


"Thanks for applying, but..."

Sales people get it all the time.. Writers can write books on it... Job seekers get it in incremental dosage from resume submission to first interview to second interview to no hire.

To quote comic Jaeneane Garofolo, "Right-- rejection kills. Disappointment just maims."

Well, rejection may not quite kill, but it sure can make you feel bad. But the good news is, there is life after rejection, especially when you use the disappoint to fuel action. As personal power motivator Anthony Robbins put it, "Massive rejection is the key to success."

Just as a powerful tree thrives in the midst of persistent tradewinds, rejection opens the door to determination, change, promise, and new possibilities.

"I took rejection," said talk-show host Sally Jessy Raphael, "and turned it into direction." You can, too.

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