June 30 ~  Seen In Darkness Magic of Escher

"What I give form to in daylight is only one per cent of what I have seen in darkness." ~ M. C. Escher

M. C.  Escher

Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelius Escher (1898-1972) was a master of the third dimension work in lithography and woodcutting.  Through the use of repeated geometric patterns, called tessellations, he tried to represent the limitless and infinite.

"Wonder is the salt of the earth," he said.

"My subjects are also often playful...it is a pleasure to deliberately mix together objects of 2 and 3 dimensions, surface and spatial relationships, and to make fun of gravity."

The beauty of Escher's work is that there is more going on then what first meets the eye. Take a second look: he weaves a spell with intricate repeating patterns, mathematically complex structures and spatial perspectives. Always, like wonder and discovery, the  interpretation remains open to speculation.

A creative genius, with a sense of humor, he once explained, "Only those who attempt the absurd...will achieve the impossible. I think ...I think it's in my basement...Let me go upstairs and check."

M.C. EscherTo wonder is to discover...