April 20 ~  Creating the Future Business @ the Speed of Thought

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." ~ Peter F. Drucker

Bill Gates : Software King The future blazes with possibilities...

The folks at Microsoft Research, founded in 1991 by Bill Gates and Nathan Myhrvold, are working in Redmond, Washington to create breakthroughs to change the world for the better with the creation of computers that will emulate the human brain.

According to Research Director Dan Ling, the Millennium Project will feature ways for humans to interact with computers through speech. Computers will become more aware and able to see you, identify you, maybe even tell whether you are happy or sad, then respond to those things.

With a $3 billion research and development budget, Ling supervises a lab of over 400 developers who strive to create innovative solutions. 

"We're trying to think about breakthroughs that we can make to dramatically improve the quality of software."

The future is being created now.