April 19 ~  Honesty Will Never Break You Kate Hudson films

"Honesty will never break you. So, I try to always be honest." ~ Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Born on this day in Los Angeles, California, actress Kate Garry Hudson (1979-) always wanted a career in show business and her determination has brought her such success, blazing like a shooting star.

She said, "I tried to make a mark for myself without anybody's help, not even Mom's."

Mom, of course, is actress Goldie Hawn. With passionate smile, light, and talent, the mother-daughter resemblance is remarkable. "From time to time I see Kate from a certain angle and I see Goldie," said actor Kurt Russell, Hawn's longtime love. "They pick up light the same way."

"She's total sunniness and light," described Cameron Crowe, who directed Hudson's critically praised breakout performance as groupie Penny Lane in Almost Famous (2000). The role earned her an Oscar nominated at the age of 21.

Crowe said, "Kate's confidence is so much a part of who she is. Nothing beats that when you catch it onscreen."

Hudson inherited her famous Mom's beguiling smile and shared Goldie's advice on acting. "She told me; think straight, make good choices, and be prepared for a lot of humiliation."

So far, so good.

"Every day it's nice to stop and say: Wait a minute, I am so lucky, this is great," Hudson said.

Honesty elevates the spirit.