April 18 ~  Gravy on the Three Scoops of Rice Frank Delima's Joke Book

"I'm as local as the gravy on the three scoops of rice,
As all the rainbow colors on da kine shave ice,
I'm as local as one B-1 cockaroach
Flying for your face in one ewa approach."
~ Frank De Lima

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Hawaii's popular comic, Frank De Lima knows what it means to be local in Hawaii. One of the culinary advantages to living in Paradise is a unique meal called loco-moco.

My Dad would drive to Zippy's restaurant at least once a week to order loco-moco for breakfast. It's a Hawaiian standard if you're hungry for something ono (delicious).

This favorite island dish was invented in 1949 in the plantation town of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. According to local legend, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Inouye, owners of a small cafe called the Lincoln Grill came up with loco-moco as something filling and affordable for hungry teens who hung out there.

The Inouyes piled two scoops of rice into a saimin bowl then added a hamburger patty and fried egg. Then the piece de resistance: they topped it off with a generous serving of brown gravy over everything. The teenage customers came up with the name. Loco means crazy in Hawaiian pidgin. And moco rhymed and sounded good.


The rest is history.

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