April 5 ~  Give Every Book 50 Pages Book Lust Journal

"If you're 50 or younger, give every book 50 pages before you commit to it, or give it up. If you're over 50, take your age and subtract it from 100--the result is the number of pages you should read before deciding. Time is too short to read something you don't like." ~ Nancy Pearl, Reader's Digest, 1/04

words and education are powerful.

With a need to celebrate her passion for reading, Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl wrote Book Lust (2003), a book recommendation for every mood, moment, and reason. Hundreds of fiction and nonfiction titles to satisfy any appetite.

"It's taken me my whole lifetime of reading, while taking one book after another, giving it to someone, and saying, 'You have to read this, it's so good,'" Pearl explained.

Thanks to Pearl, who decided to become a librarian at the age of 10, a world of possibilities emerge. She said, "When I begin reading a new book, I am embarking on a new, uncharted journey." Her selections are mouth watering, her presentation clever.

Categories include:
Mothers & Daughters ~ "What could ever be more complicated and filled with potential for (disaster)?"
Shrinks and Shrinkees ~ "Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, therapists, witch doctors, jujumen, social workers."
BBB:Best Business Books ~ "Fascinating insights into American business."
Dinosaur Hunting
Take Me Out to the Ballgame ~ "For some fans, baseball is not just a metaphor for life, but life itself..."
Do Clothes Make the Man (Or Woman) ~ "Would the Victorians have been less repressed had they not been so tightly corseted?"

"The role of a librarian is to make sense of information. If that's not a qualification for superhero-dom, what is?" said Pearl, who became the model for a 5-inch-tall plastic "action figure" in 2003.

Superhero, indeed.

With Book Lust, Pearl has provided a prescription for wander-itis... The aimless wandering, at the library or bookstore, associated with the quest for finding the perfect book to read.

She explained her life's quest, "I don't particularly cook and I have a very low-maintenance husband, and my children are grown and gone, so basically while other people play croquet or golf or go to football games, I read."

Give it a chance...Then let go.