March 29 ~ Got To Be Luck Black Prince of Baseball: Hal Chase & Mythology of the Game

"A pitcher's got to be good and he's got to be lucky to get a no hit game." ~ Cy Young

Cy Young

Named after a Civil War officer who served with his father, baseball legend Denton True "Cy" Young (18671955) was born on this day in rural Gilmore, Ohio.

Known for a blazing fastball, he recalled: "I thought I had to show all my stuff and I almost tore the boards off the grandstand with my fast ball. One of the fellows called me 'Cyclone,' but finally shortened it to 'Cy,' and it's been that ever since."

One of baseball's greatest pitchers, the right-hander began his major league career in 1890 with the Cleveland Spiders. "Well, I'll pitch a game." he said before his first start. "And if I win I'll stay; If I lose, I'll go home this evening."

Young was a winner. The hometown boy quickly won the hearts of his fans. "Possessing more skill than any youngster seen here this season," praised one newspaper. A master of control and stamina, for fourteen consecutive years, from 1891, he won twenty or more games.

With a successful 22-year career in which he hurled in 906 games, Young holds an amazing record that will never be broken: 511 career victories, more games than any pitcher in major league history.

"Far as I can see, these modern pitchers aren't going to catch me," he once said about his accomplishments. He was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1937. The prestigious Cy Young Award was named in his honor in 1956 and is given annually to the best major league pitchers in each league.

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