March 19 ~  With a Smile Best Friends

"The most freeing thing is to like your imperfections." ~ Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore Who can turn the world on with a smile? Mary Richards, of course.

On this date in 1977, we said good-bye to Mary and the crew at WJM-TV as the final episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show aired.

For seven years, Moore (1937-) portrayed Mary Richards, assistant producer of the sitcom's Six O'clock News. Mary charmed and inspired us with an upbeat and positive look at life. With enthusiasm, she got us through the challenges of the 70s with laughter, and sometimes tears.

"I'm an experienced woman; I've been around," she once said with typical self-deprecating bravado. "Well, all right, I might not've been around, but I've been... nearby."

Our friend Mary was a 70s career woman on her own. Moving to a new city and living alone, she defined a new image of women. "Love is all around, no need to waste it," sang (and wrote) Sonny Curtis in the show's memorable opening theme. "You can have the town, why don't you take it. You're gonna make it after all."

Intelligent and funny, strong but sweet, Mary brought her independent spirit into our homes and made us feel good... with a smile.

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