March 13 ~  Fire Inside Bob Seger music

"There's no way you can hide the fire inside." ~ Bob Seger

Stranger in Town On this day in 1987, Michigan's pride, Bob Seger (1945-) along with his Silver Bullet Band, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the Capitol Records Tower building.

A tribute to a rocker who for over thirty years has served up fiery rock standards like Old Time Rock and Roll, Against the Wind, and Like a Rock. Seger's rough and honest voice is a combination of Detroit soul and working-class rock.

A blazing fire inside...

Born in Ann Arbor, the singer-songwriter learned the ukulele at five, taught himself the guitar and discovered "the kind of music that soothes the soul." With a passion for rhythm and blues, he formed his first group, the Decibels, at the age 16.

About his early performing days, Seger said, "I was a good singer, I enjoyed singing, I enjoyed playing...and it seemed like a good way to make a living."

He and the band worked hard until they graduated from playing bars to headlining concerts. He formed the Silver Bullet Band in 1974 and they hit pay dirt in 1976 with LPs Live Bullet and Night Moves.

Seger's live shows, intensified experiences of "blistering determination," are legendary explosions of jubilant energy and pure fun, where the artist is dedicated to giving back to his fans.

About growing older, Seger told Billboard editor Timothy White, "The chance to play rock 'n roll as an adult feels like a privilege to me. I look at guys like Jagger and Springsteen to James Brown and Chuck Berry, and I figure they're damn nice company to be in."

On March 15, 2004, in celebration of his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm proclaimed the day Bob Seger Day. She explained, "Bob Seger has established himself as a true American and Michigan classic. He found his place in history, and it's well deserved. Seger is the unmistakable voice of Michigan rock and roll and a treasure to our state."

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We cannot be denied the fire inside.