March 2 ~  Find That Holiness When Children Ask About God

"Everything that God created is potentially holy, and our task as humans is to find that holiness in seemingly unholy situations. When we can do this, we will have learned to nurture our souls." ~ Rabbi Harold Kushner

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Inspirational Jewish rabbi Harold S. Kushner (1935-) wrote his international bestseller When Bad Things Happen to Good People (1981) after facing one of life's seemingly unholy situations--his own three-year-old son's fatal genetic disorder.

"I believe in a God who does not send the tragedy but who sends the incredible grace to deal with the tragedy," said Kushner who was born in Brooklyn, New York and was Rabbi Laureate of Temple Israel in Boston before his retirement.

The author faced his tragedy with grace. He urged others to meet challenges by turning to God and truly finding faith. His message of hope was a comforting balm that celebrated God's unconditional love.

"It still surprises me 20 years later that so many people, Christians, Jews, and agnostics, were comforted by that book," he said.

His book, Living a Life That Matters (2001) gave a sweet spiritual lesson of finding significance by looking deep within and helping others. Living a life that matters means making ethical decisions daily. "Being kind to others is a way of being good to yourself," he explained.

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