January 27 ~  To Digest, Divine New Wave Luau

"To err is human, to digest, divine." ~ Mark Twain

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Whether it's pupu (Hawaiian appetizers) or a full-on ono (delicious) lu'au (Hawaiian feast), we sure "eat good" in Hawaii.

Local "grinds" (epicurean delights) are as varied as the melting pot of ethnic groups that live on the island: Hawaiian, Portuguese, Filipinos, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and more.

From fine dining to best takeout, when you have so much to choose, it's hard to pick cuisine favorites. But as actress Grace Kelly once said, "One has to choose in life," so here goes...

There's kalua pig, roasted in an imu (oven) and the main dish at a luau. Add haupia, squid luau, laulau, lomi salmon, and poi (made from cooked taro root) and you're ready for a traditional Hawaiian baby's first birthday party.

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food," observed Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw.

There's a lot of food to love. How about Chinese char sui? Portuguese Bean Soup? Filipino chicken adobo? Oriental Somen Salad? Or Zippy's chili over pasta?

If you're hungry and on a budget, stop off at (my classic favorite) Rainbow Drive Inn and get a teriyaki steak or mahimahi plate lunch with two scoops of rice and macaroni salad. For under ten bucks, the plate lunch hits the spot after a hard day of sunning at Ala Moana Beach.

Confucius said, "Your eyes are always bigger than your stomach." Unless you're in Hawaii, where your stomach CAN keep up with your eyes...

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