Favorite Quotations Tom Landry Tom Landry

"I really don't have a goal to be the greatest coach in the business. I just try to achieve the best with the talent God has given me. If I do that, I'm satisfied." ~ Tom Landry


Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.

Somewhere along the line I developed an image all my own. I didn't campaign for the title of "the man in the hat." But I got it.

As a boy growing up in Mission, Texas, I always dreamed of being a cowboy. For twenty-nine wonderful years I was one. And now, in my heart, I know I always will be.

I don't think you can play a contact sport like football very well without emotion. But it's a matter of how that emotion is fostered and whether the result is real or false emotion.

Real emotion is built up over time and its foundation is preparation... When you get too high emotionally, the chances are you're going to slack off and be flat the next week.

Early season success helped set a pattern and an expectation for winning.

In football, no one individual can be more important than the team... Prima donnas don't often make great football players and it's even more seldom that they make for a successful team.

The only way I could ever make those tough decisions was to try to remain as objective as possible. I never could do that without maintaining a measure of personal distance.

I see this as a biblical principle that also applies to life, a principle our society as a whole has forgotten: You can't enjoy true freedom without limits.